Saatchi Yates Gallery, Saatchi Yates Gallery Heating & Air Conditioning Installation Project

Saatchi Yates Gallery Heating & Air Conditioning Installation Project

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Posted on 8th November 2021

Saatchi Yates Gallery, Saatchi Yates Gallery Heating & Air Conditioning Installation Project

We’re delighted to update you today regarding the second part of an ongoing project for one of our most prestigious clients- the ‘Saatchi Yates’ art gallery in London’s Mayfair.

Based in Cork Street and opened last year, Lanview were initially involved in the fit-out of the gallery, including electrical alterations, partitions, glass balastrading and door installation, ensuring a minimalist finish (as requested). Lanview oversaw this project and provided proposals and solutions for the client.


As a significant extension to the aforementioned project, we have now finished installation of a sophisticated, almost silent and virtually invisible heating and cooling system for the gallery. The client wanted to ensure (as far as was practical) that the comfort cooling systems, grilles, air diffusers etc weren’t visible, in order to retain the minimalist aesthetic of the gallery. To achieve the latter, Lanview spent several months behind the scenes prior to the installation, working with one of our previous M&E subcontractors to come up with a suitable solution.

Saatchi Yates Gallery, Saatchi Yates Gallery Heating & Air Conditioning Installation Project

A suitable solution in this case, meant going through a thorough and lengthy Design process. Initially, Lanview produced some CGI images of the proposed installation so the client could see the visual representation of what was going to be installed, enabling them to review the scheme, not only from a cost perspective but from a finished product point of view before sign-off and the works commencing.

Working once more with Neil Oxlee of Garnet Netherwood, and following several in-depth meetings with the landlord and multiple stakeholders, Lanview submitted a planning application for the option to install wall-mounted condensers temporarily within the Mews area behind the gallery, before moving them to a shared plant deck at a later date (the landlord wanted the rear of the Mews clear and decluttered in the long term). As part of this process, we had an acoustic survey undertaken to ensure that the equipment selected would not adversely impact the area, and that it fell within the current guidelines for installations of this kind.

The pre-contract Design Phase of the project was very involved and took much longer than the actual installation, as the team at Lanview had to constantly communicate with the planning department, and update the client, the client’s building landlord, and the adjoining building’s tenant’s facilities managers as to what was happening at any given time.

Saatchi Yates Gallery, Saatchi Yates Gallery Heating & Air Conditioning Installation Project

Heating and Air Conditioning installations such as this aren’t always simple, and this one shows that a lot of work goes on behind the scenes when it comes to getting a design right for a client, making sure everyone involved is happy, and adhering to all the correct planning rules.

Sam Ridgeway, Quantity Surveyor at Lanview, Project Managed and delivered the project:

“The delivery of this project was never going to be straightforward. There were a number of stakeholders to keep happy at all times under an extremely tight programme to ultimately deliver a fit for purpose installation for our client prior to their new exhibition launch. Despite a number of hurdles during the build process we successfully handed the gallery back to Saatchi Yates with a fully working system”

Lanview MD, Damon Golder says:

“Following the successful delivery of the Fit-Out of the Saatchi Yates Gallery last year, we were delighted to once again work for such a high profile client, Although the clients requirements presented a real challenge on this phase of work, I believe that the Lanview team delivered a tremendous project whilst satisfying multiple stakeholders”

The team at Saatchi Yates have been pleased with our work once again- the new system works as intended, and although we haven’t quite got into the coldest part of the year yet, the client has been given a greater level of control over the temperature of both the ground floor and lower ground levels where their staff predominantly operate.

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