Mclaren, Outstanding results for Battery Park

Outstanding results for Battery Park

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Posted on 10th January 2020

Following the launch of Battery Park in September last year we caught up with Lawrence Rojas, Project Manager at Unite Students, who gave us some great news.

Battery Park, Birmingham has scored the highest in Unite Students TRI*M customer satisfaction survey, across their entire portfolio and in the history of running these surveys. An outstanding result.

TRI*M surveys are an internal measurement and benchmarking tool – used to measure, analyse and estimate the level of customer satisfaction as well as the elements of quality that aid in client’s satisfaction. For Unite Students these measures are based on the students’ living experience which can involve everything from WiFi to decor. These important scores are used as a financial KPI and bonus metric.

Lawrence commented on the Battery Park results,

“The Battery Park TRI*M scores are based on a collective team effort and there is no doubt of Lanview’s contribution to this high score. The development needed to be of a very high quality.

Lanview offered an incredibly flexible approach. Despite changing timescales, they were able to get straight on with the job as soon as the builder had completed on their work, without any delays and to an extremely high standard. The team worked closely with our Ops team, providing regular progress updates. They worked technically in a live-environment without impacting the areas in use around them which was impressive. Where this can usually have a negative impact on TRI*M scores due to noise, dust, disruption and availability of areas, this was not the case with Lanview.”