Jerry Bliss

Meet Jerry Bliss – Senior Estimator at Lanview

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Posted on 12th November 2019

Jerry works at Lanview as Senior Estimator. Below, Jerry talks about what he does day to day at Lanview, what keeps him interested in the role and why he’s particularly looking forward to Christmas this year.


What did you do before joining Lanview? 

I’ve been doing the job of an Estimator for nearly 35 years. Over those years I’ve worked with construction companies including small shop and office fit-out companies to a large national construction company with a multi-billion turnover.


What do you do at Lanview?

As Senior Estimator at Lanview I work on the project cost – sourcing best price for labour and materials.  This involves working closely with our supply chain to analyse, evaluate and run cost comparisons.  I do this to make sure that Lanview are competitive and offer the best quality and value for the project cost.

I will also visit the site to see the layout and feasibility of organising the material and labour – and then work with the QS, architect and hand over to our in-house team, so that they can run with the project.


Favourite part of your job and why?

Every aspect of the role interests me.  I enjoy the hands-on involvement and liaising with our clients.

The quality of the work and different project specifications keeps the role interesting. And especially on those projects involving high-end materials, where the brief is often more creative.


What do you do when you’re not working?

My wife and I enjoy travel.  My wife is Portuguese and we have a property there – which has incentivised me to learn to speak Portuguese. Although I’m by no means fluent.  Outside of Portugal our favourite place to travel to is Italy because it’s so rich in history.

I also enjoy hosting big family gatherings, especially over Christmas. We’re particularly looking forward to Christmas this year as my daughter is expecting her first baby – who may well arrive on Christmas day – so a double celebration!